8 am begin setup AI4ZV inside, N4JGW Outside (AI4ZV digital demo throughout the day)

9 am Antenna build 6,10,20 meter dipole/tripole AI4ZV/WI4L/N4JGW

10 am message handling class KI4IG/K4HYJ

11 am lunch KD4ROB June DARC meeting

Outdoor SOTA set up demo by K4HYJ (after lunch until?)

12 pm Q&A with Elmers for New Hams (across the table, sit down forum) WI4L, WA4TIV, KI4IG Panel to include KI4IG, WI4L, maybe others. There are NO dumb questions here.

1pm Soldering De-soldering class with small kit build TBA KB2SEO, VE Session (License Testing) N4BZJ

2 pm contest begins


Download flyers for distribution:

For printed copies, please contact K0NGG via email.